Do I need a PayPal account in order to pay via Credit Card? Yes, you will need a PayPal account in order to pay. If you don't already have an account with PayPal you can create one during the check out process.

Can I pay via bank transfer? It is only possible to pay via bank transfer if you as the sender bears the full cost of transfer (i.e. "OUR" not "SHA" Shared costs or "BEN" beneficiary pays). International bank transfers can be quite high and the cost gets directly deducted from our profit. If you would like to pay via bank transfer please send an email to info@dudukshop.com .


Will I have to pay duties on receipt of goods? Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any possible duties and taxes, which may be applied by customs in the country where delivery is made. The responsibility for any custom duties, foreign taxes, other fees or brown paper bags, which may be imposed, will rest with the customer. Please contact your local customs offices if you would like to seek more information regarding taxes and duties.

What is DUDUK's return policy if I am unhappy with my order? We accept returns and exchanges within 7 days of delivery. All products must be returned in good condition with labels and original packaging. Please bear in mind that shipping costs must be borne by the customer. For returns or exchanges please email info@dudukshop.com subject: Return.

Which countries do you ship to? To see the full list of countries we ship to, click here. How is the weight of my package calculated? When considering the weight of your parcel, the shipping company will consider the actual weight and the volumetric weight of your package. Whichever kilo value of the two is the highest, is the value they will use to calculate your shipping costs.

What is volumetric weight and how is it calculated? Volumetric weight is the weight of your package in function of the dimensions and not the actual weight. It is calculated using the following formula LxWxH/5,000 to generate a kg value that is indicative of the dimensions rather than the actual weight. When considering the weight of your parcel, the shipping company will consider the actual weight and the volumetric weight of your package. Whichever kilo value of the two is the highest, is the value they will use to calculate your shipping costs.

How long will it take to receive my order? Your parcel from Bali can take 3-7 days (for Zone 1-3) and 5-10 days (for Zone 4-7). If you would like your shipment expedited, please contact us directly info@dudukshop.com for a quote with TNT's express shipping service (bear in mind that the costs of express shipping with TNT are likely to be 3 times more expensive than with EMS).


What’s Batik and what’s so special about it? Batik is a traditional process which involves hand waxing and dying a cloth to reveal drawings and patterns. This age old Indonesian tradition has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible world Heritage. Almost all of DUDUK's products are made using Batik Cap. Because the batiks we use are dyed and stamped by hand, you can expect subtle variations in color and pattern, no two pieces are exactly alike. This ensures that each and every one of the pieces in our collection is one of a kind.

Why is the color different than on the picture? Though we strive to give you exactly what you ordered, colors may be lighter or darker since the dying is done by hand and Batik production is very sensitive to sunlight among other things. I’d like to see your products in person.

Do you have a store somewhere? We are currently selling DUDUK in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali), Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines. To see where you can find our products in these countries, click Find A Store.

I purchased my tipi without poles. What type of poles should I get? We like to use Bamboo poles which are generally available from any garden center but you can also use wooden dowels. The poles need to be 200 cm with a diameter of around 2.5 cm. You need 1x 40 cm long shoe-lash or other strong string to connect the poles and 4x 35cm long shoe-lash or other strong string to connect the security ring. In every pole 2 holes need to be drilled. Drill the first hole at 20 cm from the top (180 cm from the bottom) and the second one 54cm (for ring size 26 cm) OR 49cm from the top (for ring size 19cm). Now tie the shoe-lash or other strong string through the top holes to connect the poles. Put the other shoe-lashes or strong strings through the lower holes, 1 string in each hole. How do I set up my tipi? see http://www.dudukshop.com/Tipi-Tent-p/tt-m-pm.htm,... tab 'Instructions'.

I purchased my pouf without filling, how do I fill it? The pouf can be filled with Styrofoam, that's just the regular beanbag filling. We can recommend to add a few hands of Dacron (pillow filling), it isn't necessary though. The square pouf needs circa 48-58liter of Styrofoam, the round pouf 58-68liter. Fill the pouf in a space that is wind free (no blowing air cons, vans, wind, etc.). An extra hand will be very welcome, one person’s holds the inner pouf open and the second person pours in the Styrofoam.

Can I refill my pouf? Yes there is a zipper in the inner-case so you can refill the pouf. It is normal for poufs to become less voluminous during time.

There are irregularities in the design, is this normal? DUDUK sells products made from batik fabric and screen printed fabric. Both is done by hand. The charm of a handmade products is that it has irregularities in print and color. It’s one of a kind.


Our Tipi Tent has been CE certified by API Hong Kong. If you have any other questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please send an email to info@dudukshop.com.